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July 1st, 2017: A New Year for Virginia Knights

A Message from State Deputy Stephen Kehoe

KehoeS.jpg  State Deputy Stephen Kehoe

July 1, 2017


My Brother Knights of Virginia,

I am extremely proud and humbled to serve as your State Deputy for the jurisdiction of Virginia for this fraternal year.  Many great men have served in this position and I will strive each and every day to ensure that we, as proud Virginia Knights, reaffirm and build upon the principles every Knight of Columbus should uphold.

The theme for this Columbian Year is, “Lift High the Cross”, and will focus on strengthening and cementing our faith and love in the Lord.  We will need to work hand in hand with our priests and bishops to recommit our hearts and souls as we strive to grow and transform ourselves and our parishes into true communities of faith.  As we perform our Knights of Columbus activities we must demonstrate that we are defined and guided by our faith.  I ask everyone to be jubilant followers of our Lord and to “Lift High the Cross” by demonstrating to the world we are strong in our Catholic beliefs in these times when religion and faith are being attacked and persecuted.

During this fraternal year we will continue “Building the Domestic Church” where we develop strong families who are enriched with our renewed faith in each of our homes and in God’s house.  Council programs will need to be continuously refined to make sure they bring the council closer to the parish community while allowing council members and their families to grow closer to the faith.

Every day each and every one of us needs to look for the opportunity to recruit a new Knight.  As our Supreme Knight has said, “we have nothing less than a moral obligation to offer membership in the Knights of Columbus to every eligible Catholic man.”

I am energized for this fraternal year and we must all work together to make this the best year that each council in Virginia has ever had.





Stephen (Steve) Kehoe

State Deputy

Jurisdiction of Virginia


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