2014 Virginia Free Throw Champions

March 15, 2014 - The Annual Virginia state council Free Throw Championship took place on Saturday, March 15th, at St. Gertrude's High School in Richmond. The winners of each age group are listed below.  Pictured with the State Deputy Tony Fortunato (far left) and State Treasurer Rosario Chechile (far right) along with the winners and members of the Virginia state Council.

Boys Age 9 

1st Drew Carlin

2nd Brendan Coughlan

3rd Jackson Underwood


Boys Age 10

1st Barry Jones,

2nd Ryan Miller

3rd Theo Askew


Boys Age 11

1st Andrew Heisler

2nd Patrick Strite

3rd Jacob Lopez


Boys Age 12

1st Drake Bachman

2nd Grean Ramos

3rd Derrell Bowman Jr.


Boys Age 13

1st Benjamin Clarke

2nd Patrick Florey

3rd Nicholas Kerl


Boys Age 14

1st Brain Hennessey

2nd Daniel Kane

3rd Cole Parker

Girls Age 9

1st Elizabeth Leonard

2nd Mary Collins

3rd Erin Morris


Girls Age 10

1st  Elayna Whitley

2nd Mayson Masterson

3rd Kaitlyn Davis


Girls Age 11

1st Erin Bell

2nd Amanda Courtney

3rd Kayla Maxson


Girls Age 12

1st Mikayla Via

2nd Trudy Painter

3rd Olivia LeJeune


Girls Age 13

1st Madeline Slunt

2nd Bailey Tiller

3rd Eve Maddock


Girls Age 14

1st Rachel Espos

2nd Michaela Whearty

3rd Athena Gibson

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