Blood Drive Milestone

St. Francis Council 11136 sponsors its 100th Blood Drive

August 18, 2013 - St. Francis Council 11136, in Purcellville, became active in the St. Francis de Sales Blood Donor Program (BDP) back in 1993, and has sponsored the program since March 1995.


On Sunday, August 18, 2013, the Council sponsored the Centennial Celebration Blood Drive - the 100th blood drive in the past two decades! Inova Blood Donor Services honored St. Francis Council and St. Francis de Sales BDP for being its first donor group to achieve this remarkable 100 blood drive milestone.


The August 18 drive brought donations of 82 units of blood, considerably above the average of 54.4 units per drive over its history. Since the program's inception at St. Francis, the Council's sponsorship and participation has resulted in 5,482 units donated.


A total of 18 Knights participated in the Centennial Drive, with eleven of being supporting the drives as both donors and volunteers.


To mark the occasion, a special cake was made, a salute to the 6,260 registrations by dedicated (often repeat) donors, who have donated 685 gallons of blood over the past 20 years, as well as the many volunteers who made it all possible. The donations provide the Gift of Life - the availability of blood products - for up to 16,500 persons in need.

The Centennial Blood Drive was hosted at the Purcellville Fire and Rescue Station while construction continues at St. Francis de Sales Church.


The Blood Donor Program fulfills the objectives of three core elements of the Virginia State Council: Community Activities, Culture of Life Activities and Council Activities. The goal of the blood drive program is to provide adequate quantities of lifesaving blood for our families, our faith community, and our many friends and neighbors in the local community.


In addition, the program has magnified the community’s response to neighbors in need by making blood donations more convenient and easier to complete.


St. Francis Council has recruited many new Knights  through sponsorship of the BDP by introducing them to the Knights of Columbus, its initiatives, and programs and teaching them how they can help friends and neighbors in need and the Church.

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