George Mason University KofC Launches #RosesForDignity Valentine’s Campaign

Starting a campus-wide dialogue on the effects of pornography on recognizing human worth

February 13, 2015 - GMU Knights of Columbus (a part of Catholic Campus Ministry) handed out 250 roses to ladies on campus to jumpstart a conversation about the effects of lust and pornography on recognizing human dignity and beauty.


Chaplain Fr. Peter Nassetta said, “The students were looking for a way to honor their fellow students in a creative way this Valentine’s Day and drew inspiration from Bishop Loverde’s pastoral letter “Bought with a Price”. Lust and pornography are big issues on a college campus and it’s important to challenge our students to see how it affects our ability to love.”


Each of the 250 roses has an attached card with an excerpt from Bishop Loverde’s pastoral letter, "All women have an innate beauty and dignity that men should always recognize. But lust and pornography ‘obscure and destroy people's ability to see one another as unique and beautiful expressions of God's creation’


On the eve of the event, Grand Knight and GMU Senior Connor Xavios spoke to the Catholic Campus Ministry community, “St. John Paul II implored us that our duty as men is to preserve the dignity of all women”, and then speaking to the women he said, “This is a reminder that you have a dignity that no one can take away, that you are beautiful, and you are always enough.”


The back of the cards include handwritten notes from brother Knights with affirmations such as "Receive the unconditional love you were made to receive" and "You deserve nothing less than authentic love".


Sophomore Julia Moskel was one of the recipients of the roses and responded, “Some men have lost respect for women, because our culture demeans it. It is really great to know that we are loved and what love really is.”

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