Halfway through the fraternal year -

January 2016 midyear meeting

January 9, 2016 - Hundreds of Grand Knights, District Deputies, state officers and staff all gathered at Peninsula Catholic High School in Newport News for the mid-year meeting of the 2015-2016 fraternal year in Virgina.


State Deputy Steve Raschke continued a tradition established by PSD Steve Burnley last year, and invited special speakers to appear during the open portion of the morning session: the President of the annual March for Life, Jeanne Monahan; Special Olympics athlete Paul Marretti and Father Tyson Wood, an Army chaplain and convert who shared details of his unusual journey.


The nominating committee continued its work, interviewing candidates for state office next year, and both morning and afternoon membership seminars addressed everything from conducting successful membership drives to using Round Tables to build membership and help previously unserved churches.


The meeting was followed by a Mass at St. Jerome Catholic Church and a dinner/dance at the Walter Pollard council home.

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