From the State Deputy

October 1, 2014


My Brother Knights and Families,


Being faith in action with a focus on families is at the forefront of Virginia Knights of Columbus planning this year.


With summer slowly closing behind us it’s time to pull out our calendars and try to find time in next few months among the quagmire of our busy day-day items to fit in a few projects or personal activities that were put off from earlier in the year.  Obviously, the State Deputy (me) would suggest you make sure all your Knights of Columbus activities are already planned and prominently noted on your calendars and that family and friends eagerly await their happening.


While national statistics may show that people are falling away from their faith and churches, statistics also show that people living their faith with others are strengthened and grow in faith.  It only seems logical then that a group of practical Catholics, fraternally bound to Christ, must be doing some good things that support them and their families to grow in their faith; otherwise the Knights of Columbus would not be the largest Catholic lay ministry in the world.


  • Those “good things” should be on your calendar this fall and year round.
  • Those “good things” evangelize our faith as our Priests, Bishops and the Holy Father have asked us to do.
  • Those faith based “good things” will attract less active Catholics and others to the parish community and new Brother Knights and families to our order.


As we head into the fall towards thanksgiving be mindful of the many good things we have and more importantly those in need.  Watch for helpful charitable ideas from around the order including an organized program of charitable outreach on “Black Friday” as the Knights of Columbus provides a much needed alternative message … that the Christmas season is a season of giving, not simply a season of shopping.


Both our Dioceses have growing community needs that constantly exceed their resources.  We must grow in number of Knights and grow in action by Knights and families to respond to the ever growing need in our homes, parishes and local communities.  We can do it for our Shepherds because -


Virginia Knights and their families are simply the best.



Be Faith in Action


Steve Burnley

State Deputy


Remember to Recruit One Member per Council per Month!


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