From the State Deputy

November 25, 2014


My Brother Knights and Families,


To my Brother Knights and their families,


Lucretia and I and our family wish all of you a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving.  I encourage you all to take time during the coming weeks to step back from the daily hustle and bustle and participate in the many many activities focused on our faith and families.


As you know my logo this year is Be Faith in Action with a focus on families.  Fortunately the Church, our communities and the Knights of Columbus give us ample opportunities to grow in our faith and become better parents, children and citizens for it. Everywhere Lucretia and I have gone this year we have seen charitable actions with a contagious spirit that is attracting more to serve.  This type of spirit help us all grow in our faith and attracts others to our faith.


Thanksgiving is just the first opportunity of this holiday season with Mass, family and Parish gatherings, and most importantly many ways to serve others.  Following this holiday is Advent, Christmas, Religious Freedom Day in Fredericksburg and the March For Life just to name a few events for the entire family. Just think if every person or family that went to these events last year brought one more person or family with them this year - consider a March for life in 2015 twice the size as last year, what a statement for life.


So to start the season, from our family to you and yours we wish a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you for all you have done and will do for our Brother Knights and their families and our Parish communities particularly on this day.



Be Faith in Action


Steve Burnley

State Deputy


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