From the State Deputy

May 6, 2016 Brother Knights, The 116th Virginia State Council Annual Meeting is now in the past. What a wonderful weekend is was. The Annual Meeting has been long in the planning and once again I wish to thank Frank Guest and his committees for the great work they have done in making the weekend such a success. I also want to thank the State Delegates who during the Mass collection, donated over $2300.00 for the Knights of Columbus Supreme, Christian Refugee Relief Fund. Also during the Annual Meeting the Council Delegates elected our State Sectary Mike Gasper to be the State Deputy for the 2016-2017 Fraternal Year. On behalf of the State membership we all wish you and Gerri all God’s graces as you all embark on your next leg of this wonderful journey. My theme this year is, Living a Fraternal Journey, Live, Know, Share our faith. Living our faith is just not something that we do on Sunday mornings and go home for the rest of the week and forget about it. I encouraged each and every one of you to continue to learn and grow in our faith this year. I know that a number of you answered this challenge. Your journey has taken you through the deep understanding of our faith. You have then set that example to others. I know it has happened because I have seen and read about your accomplishments in your council’s articles and reports. I do ask you not to stop, but to continue in this journey of life, faith and fraternity, and then share it with your family, parish and community. The Knights of Columbus makes us better men, husbands and Catholics. I am continuing to encourage each and every Knight to ask one more Catholic man to stand with you and be a part of our fraternal organization. Your courage and faith and in the ways of helping your council improves the lives of your family, your parish and community is an excellent example to other Catholic men to a part of your council. There are a number of Catholic men who are just waiting for someone to ask them to be a Knight. I want to thank the members of the State that have been on the Fraternal Journey and encourage each Knight and his family to continue to live, know and share our faith. Steve Stephen Paul Raschke Sr. Virginia State Deputy

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