From the State Deputy

February 1, 2015


My Brother Knights -


Congratulations are in order.  This past Friday the Knights membership here in Virginia grew to over 27,000.  I do not have the name of the 27,000th Virginia Knight as of yet or the Knight who recruited him but Supreme promises to identify them to me by the end of next week.  I will recognize them at the upcoming quarterly meeting in Richmond on February 28.  Each of these lucky Knights will be receiving a new Knights of Columbus coat.


While speaking of membership - A thank you is also in order to all our Councils.  After a slow period over the holidays and most of January, all indications are that membership activities are picking up across the state.  We all know that increased membership is essential to meeting the program needs of our Churches and the local communities we live in.  For far too many Virginians, the Knights of Columbus are the daily difference in providing for an improved quality of life.   Food collections have increased, as have coats for kids’ donations.  When reaching out to those in need, Councils are seeing first hand just how much still needs to be done.  So thank you for putting more new and current Knights into action.


Based on reports coming in, Councils are accomplishing hundreds of different programs fitted to their individual families and local communities – living Fr. McGivney’s dream.  You can see many of these accomplishments on the State Web Site or on Facebook.  If you want your Council, Church, Family, Community or Culture of Life activity to be in the spotlight – recognizing your doers for their good deeds, then send along a few pictures and a few words to the Communications Director.  It’s that simple.  It will be meaningful to the people helped and Knights and family members in your Council who did the helping.


Gentlemen, we have much to do over the coming months.  Remember the measurement stick for success is Star Council status.  Most of you are on a good course for completing that goal. For Virginia to be successful, performance requirements provided by Supreme and expected by or Bishops requires the entire Virginia Council, the whole team, put forth their best effort.  It does require Councils to focus on a broad range of things – all supporting our faith and the people we love.  With the support of every Knight, the Grand Knights and Council leadership will make sure we get it done.


Be Faith in Action with a focus on families


Steve Burnley

State Deputy


Remember to Recruit One Member per Council per Month!


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