From the State Deputy

September 20, 2015 My Brother Knights: As the end of the 1st quarter of the Fraternal Year is quickly approaching we are far short in getting Catholic Men to share in our fraternal journey. There is a lot of work to be done in support of our parishes and community and we cannot do it alone. The more Catholic men that you have to participate in your activities the more your parish families get involved in our faith. I ask that over the next month each brother renew your efforts in sharing your experiences with the men of your parish. As noted at the beginning of the year my theme is Living a Fraternal Journey, Live, Know, Share our Faith. I have been emphasizing my theme since July and I hope that each you have started to learn our faith. I have set a goal for myself to learn just one more thing about my religion each day, and am working to achieve that goal. Donna and I make good use of our time as we drive throughout the state. We spend that time with Donna reading out loud to me stories and books about our faith, listening to the Catholic Channel and EWTN, saying the rosary. We are not where we want to be in the knowledge of our faith but each day we get a little closer to understanding and living our religion. I hope that all of you have started in your own way, with your family, the process of learning what our faith is all about. I ask that you continue to work toward that goal and make a difference with your family. Faith in our Lord has made me realize that each of us have set our own goals in our lives. Be it about having a family, pursuing a career path, correcting a past mistake, reaching a dream, or even moving on from a tragedy or dealing with an unexpected death in the family. There may be stumbling blocks, obstacles and hurdles that may tempt us to just give up, cry and feel sorry for ourselves. But, when I get discouraged I stop and look around and see others learning, understanding and sharing our faith. I remember that God is always there the moment I open our eyes in the morning, accompanying me in every step of the way until I eventually reach my goals. Lastly, let us be inspired with the people around us who had experienced the same or even a greater amount of difficulty but still did not give up and continued until they reach their goals and now are savoring their success with the help of our Lord. Set your next goal and live your journey of living, knowing and sharing our faith. Use this theme and goal in learning our faith and then sharing it with those around us, especially those Catholic men that are not brother Knights. The Knights of Columbus makes us better men, husbands and Catholics. If each brother Knight in the state sets a goal to share that with at least one Catholic man who is not a Knight and gets him to join we will be well on our way to improving the lives of those in our community, parish and family. Vivat Jesus, Steve Stephen Paul Raschke Sr.
Virginia State Deputy

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