From the State Deputy

March 1, 2015


My Brother Knights, Families and Visitors to this web site,


As the State Deputy of the Virginia Knights of Columbus I have the opportunity to visit with men and families in many parishes across this state.  I attend international meetings that often speak to the needs within our neighborhoods and what we as Catholic families must be doing to make a difference.  In the United States we see religious freedoms that are the foundation of our country being challenged, as are our right to life from conception to natural death and marriage as God intended it.


Many know the Knights of Columbus best for Parish Breakfasts or Dinners, Ushers for Mass, etc.  Of the many Catholics and other citizens in Virginia it is likely that only a few know we are no longer the Knights of Columbus of our father’s generation.  We have continued to grow in charity and service.  Today our Catholic ministry to the Church and families and those in need are second to none.  No other Catholic organization has the resources of men, talent, and dedication or financial resources that can match the Knights of Columbus.  Please visit our national web site at to see the depth of this generation of Knights!


Virginia Knights know if you take a moment to see what we as Catholic men are doing for our faith, families and those in need you will want to be a part of this extraordinary experience.  We are men with higher moral, religious and patriotic convictions.  We are someone that is willing to defend our faith, to defend the flag, to fight to resolve the injustices in our society and to defend human life.  We are an organization that every Catholic man should be a part of – to connect more deeply in a ministry of charity and support of the Church.


We are men that want to make a difference now!  If you are not yet a Knight, and a Catholic man 18 years of age or older consider yourself – called to action!  Called by your faith, called by the Knights of Columbus.


To learn more, please contact our state membership director, Steve Layne ( or me  (  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Be faith in action


Steve Burnley

State Deputy



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