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September 2, 2016 Brothers all, Congratulations to the following councils on their membership gains for July and August: 418 St.Paul's 45.4% of fraternal year membership goal 459 Fitzgerald 45.4% of fraternal year membership goal 6372 St. Ann's 57.1% of fraternal year membership goal 10015 Salem 40.0% of fraternal year membership goal 11710 Bernard J. Quinn 66.6% of fraternal year membership goal 13170 St. Gabriel 53.8% of fraternal year membership goal 14034 Spanish Jesuit Martyrs 40.0% of fraternal year membership goal and to these councils who have already exceeded their fraternal year membership goal, and are on their way to Star Council: 595 Holy Cross 128.5% of fraternal year membership goal 15893 Queen of the Americas 200.0% of fraternal year membership goal and to these District Deputies: DD7 Gerard Thompson 59.0% of District membership goal DD23 Kevin Parry 88.0% of District membership goal On the other side, there are 88 of our 146 councils who have not recorded any fraternal year to date membership additions. As of August 31, 2016, progress toward reaching the state council intake membership goal stands at 12%. The 12% is around Virginia's historical number for July/August, but that does not mean we are happy with 12%, because the July/August number should be 17%. Now that your heads are filled with numbers, and summer vacations are over, and the kids are back to school, we need to step on the membership gas pedal for September. This column is an "Encounter"; OK maybe not an "Encounter with the Lord", but an "Encounter" nonetheless. And this "Encounter" calls us to answer the question "What do I do now to bring in new members?" I am told many councils have Admission Degrees and Membership Drives scheduled in September. Let's set a goal of 200 new members across Virginia in September. Don't wait for the other council to bring in members - every council needs to step up! If you have a candidate ready, get him to a Admissions Degree promptly - don't wait! Remember Rule #1 - "Emails are confirmations of telephone conservations." Don't send an email to a candidate reminding him of an Admissions Degree - pick up the phone and call him! Then pick him up and bring his to the Admissions Degree. We all know one on-one-personal contact is the best way to bring in a new member. In July and August, the state council has received $425 in the Summer Membership Games. If we can bring in 200 members in September, that could mean over $2,000 back to Virginia, which, as always goes back to the best performing councils. Let's all work to make September an outstanding month for membership! Fraternally, Mike Michael J. Gasper State Deputy Jurisdiction of Virginia

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