From the State Deputy

July 1, 2015


My Brother Knights:


It is a humbling and honored experience that you afford me the opportunity to be your State Deputy for the 2015-2016 Fraternal year.  Along with my wife Donna we what to express our commitment to you and your families to help your councils make this Fraternal Year a successful and rewarding one.  One that you will continue to be proud to introduce yourself to your friends, and community as a “Knight of Columbus”.


My theme for this year is: Living a Fraternal Journey, Live, Know, Share our Faith.  As we live our daily journey and as we share our faith, I am encouraging everyone to make a commitment to learn more about our religion, its faith, principles, and laws.  If we don’t know our faith how can we explain it to those that we want to share it with, our families, community and potential brothers?   I would ask that each Brother take some time this year to learn more about what being a Catholic is all about, it is not just going to Church on Sunday, it is the daily journey as we depart the parking lot.  Over the next year I am encouraging a number of activities by councils to help each Knight and his family have a better appreciation of our Catholic Heritage.   By living, knowing and sharing our faith we can continue to make our council, parish and community a better place to live, grow and raise our Knights of Columbus family.


As each Brother Knight and your family travels the journey of life, appreciate all that is around you and be the example that shows the world what being Catholic and a Knight of Columbus is all about.


Living a Fraternal Journey

Live, Know, Share our Faith


Stephen Paul Raschke Sr.

Virginia State Deputy


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