From the State Deputy

April 12, 2016 Dear Brother Virginia Knights, The end of the Fraternal Year is quickly approaching and there is still much work to be done. There are 3 councils in the State that have met all of the Star Council requirements; congratulations to Councils 5561, 11806 and 16226. Remember, the state goal is 145 Star Councils. There are 47 councils that are in various stages of meeting their Star Council goals. Don’t let your council be one of those that does not get the Star Council award. Star Council is important in the life of every council in living its journey of duty and support to each parish and community. There are 23 councils that have met their membership goal and I congratulate them on this tremendous achievement. There are 27 councils that are very close to achieving their membership goal, who have scheduled open houses, parish drives and fraternal benefits nights that should push these councils to 100%. During the months of February and March the state membership growth continued and allowed the state to earn additional membership incentives from Supreme. At the annual meeting (April 29 to May 1) those councils who were able to achieve their goals will be rewarded. In the next 3 months, your council can also achieve these Supreme incentives. Supreme incentives to those councils that achieve Star Council are fantastic; 1) 10,000 VIP points per Star attained up to 5 Stars, 2) $4.50 per capita credit for billable members only, 3) 20% Bonus on VIP points for those councils who attained Star Council. In the next three months 142 councils can still attain Star Council status. There are a number of men in each of our parishes and communities that need the values, faith and mentorship of your council. They are just waiting for someone to ask them to be a Knight. Seek them out and show them how our Order will make them better men, husbands, fathers, and Catholics. It is only through dynamic and expanding membership that the Knights can continue to make such a definitive impact on society and be the right arm of the church. The 27,689 members of your state can’t do it alone. In order to support our parishes, each council needs new, young, energetic, and strong in faith Brother Knights to help us in this journey. You know who they are, seek them out and ask them to become a Knight of Columbus. Again, the annual meeting is quickly approaching. If you have not registered for the hotel and the conference you need to do so quickly, as the deadline for the hotel registration is April 13th. After that date, there is no guarantee that a room will be available at the discount price the State has been able to obtain. Go to the State web site, to get contact information. The annual meeting is an opportunity to engage with your Brother Knights and their families, review the wonderful works of the councils throughout the State and have a great time. I look forward to seeing you at the Hyatt Dulles in Herndon. Thanks for all you do in support of our Order and the jurisdiction of Virginia. Steve Stephen Paul Raschke Sr. Virginia State Deputy

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