From the State Deputy

May 29, 2015


My Brother Virginia Knights,


At the onset of this Columbian Year the Grand Knights, State Staff and I spoke about our roles as the leadership of Virginia Knights and committed ourselves as a team to the success of your Councils and the Virginia Knights of Columbus as a whole.  This commitment would ensure that we delivered the absolute best we could to our Brother Knights, their families and the Parishes and communities we serve as Fr. McGivney intended.

The banners on display at each State Meeting and other venues throughout the year were intended as a constant reminder of our commitment.

We are at the last 30 days of our 12 month opportunity to lead.  While time has moved far too quickly we can say we have accomplished quite a bit.  There is still some work to be done.


We need to finish at a rate a little in excess of one new member per council per month - a few more are needed from some Councils to help out for those Councils’ who can't find just one more.  We also need for every Council to complete their SP7 Form (an easy process that takes less than 30 minutes).  Finally, we need for an extra hard scrub from those Councils still contemplating drops this late in the year.


In addition to the tremendous satisfaction of doing the absolute best for your Brother Knights, their families (and yes that includes those you may be considering to drop), your Parish and the communities we serve as Fr McGivney intended, the State and Supreme Councils are also providing various incentive awards for individuals and Councils to help in reaching our goals. Each of our Grand Knights has detailed information in hand for these programs.


From my vantage point watching and helping you work towards your individual successes for the past 11 months has been simply extraordinary.  You are accomplishing many “good works” and have much to be proud of – our collective successes over the next 30 days will seal the legacy of a great year for Virginia Knights.  Keep up the great work!


Our Bishops and Priests are seeing it, the communities are feeling it, our faith in action is making it happen.


Be faith in action


Steve Burnley

State Deputy


Recruit One Member Per Council Per Month

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