From the State Deputy

July 1, 2014


My Brother Knights and Families,


Thank you for affording me the extraordinary opportunity to serve our Virginia Councils as State Deputy for the 2014 - 2015 Columbian Year.


In traveling the state for the past several years I have developed a great appreciation for the time and talents provided by our Knights and families and the significant impact they are having in their parishes and local communities.  This past year was no exception - with local and State Council Knights completing a banner year as presented by Tony in his End of Year State Deputy message - all should be proud of their accomplishments.


With many of you returning to positions of leadership this year there should be no lost wind in our sails.  We are blessed to have two great Bishops and it seems the Holy Father Pope Francis is awakening the faith in Catholics and non - Catholics worldwide.  Despite their efforts, there are still loud negative influences to our families trying to live their lives as god intended it.  The shepherds of our faith need help and the Knights of Columbus are that help.  To create the positive change we need to deliver in today’s world, we must work from day one to expand our works of charity and grow in numbers


Our motto for the next Columbian Year is - Be Faith in Action focused on families.


Demonstrating faith in action while we plan, organize, and conduct our lives and activities …  I am confident we will have a greater impact on the needs of our churches and the communities we live in, mitigate the effect of negative social behaviors and beliefs on our families lives … and .. as importantly, attract new members and families to do even more works of faith.


The passion for us to do what is needed - must develop and come from the heart.


In our hearts - We believe in Jesus Christ.  In our actions we must show it.


As we move forward into the months ahead, let us work to make sure the “mark we leave in this world” is as good as or better than all previous years.  Be creative, be successful, above all:


Be Faith in Action


Steve Burnley

State Deputy






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