From the State Deputy

June 6, 2016 Grand Knights, District Deputies and other Virginia state leaders: As the Fraternal Year comes to a close I want to express to each and every brother Knight and your families what a fantastic and enjoyable year it has been to be your State Deputy for the 2015-2016 Fraternal year. Along with my wife Donna we what to express our thanks to you and your families in making your councils Fraternal Year a successful and rewarding one. One that you will continue to be proud to introduce yourself to your friends, and community as a “Knight of Columbus”. I started the year by announcing my theme for the year. Living a Fraternal Journey, “Live, Know and Share our Faith”. I put an emphasis on knowing our faith and today I can say that many councils and brothers took that theme to heart and worked very hard this year on re-learning and participating in various aspects of our faith and religion. You all improved your learning process thru classes, both within the parish and online, various retreats, trips to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine along with other sessions and spiritual classes over the past year. Donna and I spent numerous hours in the car with Donna reading out loud from various Catholic faith- based books, listening to EWTN or the Catholic channel or saying the rosary. I know many families did the same. Our experiences showed us that we will need to continue to improve and educate ourselves in our faith for the rest of our lives. I started out this year with the goal to have all 145 councils make STAR Council. As of this writing 24 have attained that goal and 16 more are very close and should achieve it by the end of Fraternal Year. For those councils that took on my challenge and accomplished it I applaud you. You are showing to your parish and community the drive and dedication that Father McGivney envisioned as the Order was founded. I would also remind you that there are a number of men in each of our parishes and communities that need our values, faith and mentorship of your council. They are just waiting for someone to ask them to be a Knight. Seek them out and show them how our order will make them better men, fathers, and Catholics. It is only through dynamic and expanding membership that the Knights can continue to make such a definitive impact on society and to be the right arm of the church, the 27800 members of your state can’t do it alone. In order to support our parishes each council needs new, young, energetic, and strong in faith brother knights to help us in this journey. You know who they are, seek them out and ask them “why are you not a Knight?” As each Brother Knight and your family travels the journey of life, appreciate all that is around you and be the example that shows the world what being Catholic and a Knight of Columbus is all about. Thanks for all you do in support of your council, parish, community and the Knights of Columbus. Steve Stephen Paul Raschke Sr. Virginia State Deputy Living a Fraternal Journey Live, Know, Share our Faith

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