Pre-organizational meeting for

new GKs and DDs


Incoming Grand Knights and District Deputies attended a statewide pre-organizational meeting at Holy Cross Academy in Fredericksburg on Saturday, June 21.


Training for incoming grand knights was conducted by State Training Director Mike Poumade, and training for new district deputies was conducted by Gary Lee.


The slides from Mike Poumade's Power Point presentation on responsibilities of the Grand Knight at the June 21, 2014 pre-organizational meeting can be downloaded here:


General Information (1.4 MB)


Planning (430 KB)


Reports, Forms and Paperwork (3.4 MB)


Meetings, Protocol (600 KB)


The slides from Gary Lee's Power Point presentation on the responsibilities of the District Deputy can be downloaded here:


General Information (155 KB)


Communications (149 KB)


Ceremonials (88 KB)


Programs (83 KB)


Council and District Reports (839 KB)

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